Js13k 2022: OP Games Challenge - $1500 USD in prizes!

We are currently running the js13k 2022 OP Games Challenge , where we are calling on web game developers to keep the metaverse open by building games on decentralized tech.

Game development today is becoming more and more centralized. Developers are mostly building on closed-source engines and hosting platforms. Monetization of games has to be done though walled gardens such as app stores.

The goal of the OP Games Challenge is to inspire builders to create games that champion decentralization.

A glimpse into the Internet of 2046 from the Way Forward Machine, where content is hidden behind paywalls, data collection farms and splinternets

Taking inspiration from our Decentralize the Metaverse article, the criteria for selection for the challenge is for the game to make use of any decentralized tech such as those mentioned in the article.

As a scoring criteria, we will be looking for games that showcase these 3 properties listed in the article:

  • Interoperable - Does the game make use of standards that can also be used by other games? A good example of this using NFTs as cross-game virtual items, or a common character standard like in Mugen


  • Open-Source - Is the game using open-source engines, and follow best practices for making code shareable? Some good games that do this are shapez.io and Mindustry

  • Unstoppable - Can a game possibly run forever? This is a lofty goal but peer-to-peer technologies allow us to build with less reliance on centralized servers, and allow us to build unstoppable games and services. WebRTC, libp2p and torrents are great starting points. Player-owned governance tools such as ModPol also allows us to build more resiliency, giving us the option to Exit to Community in case a development team can no longer maintain an app or game. A good example game is Conquest.eth, a game that runs fully on an EVM-compatible chain.


In summary, the js13k 2022 OP Games challenge is looking for games created using decentralized tech (such as blockchains, decentralized storage, peer-to-peer servers). Prize scoring will be determined by which entries contribute the most to building a more open metaverse by showcasing the three properties above [Interoperable, Open-Source, Unstoppable].